Ruby on Rails and Their Testing Frameworks

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Web Development Blog

Ruby on Rails (ROR), an open source framework, is used extensively for web development. It uses Ruby as the programming language which is quite similar to Python or Perl. The USP of ROR lies in its ease of use and speed. This is the reason why developers prefer Ruby on Rails over the other frameworks. Any changes made in the app are immediately applied. This saves time at the developing stages. Hence, it is a faster system to work with. As an open source it supports some of the most widely used engineering principles and patterns. Hence, achieving success in completion of tasks becomes an easy method. Further support is also integrated within while developing as application. The skeleton test code is used easily to write test in a simplified way. By using ROR it can also be ensured that the code is in sync with the functionalities mentioned earlier…

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